Corporate Fleet and Chauffeur Services​

Tap on our pool of fleet and drivers for your corporate needs.

Get driven in well-maintained, almost-brand-new cars by professional drivers who have gone through stringent checks.

Fleet and Chauffeurs for your hire

With a growing pool of drivers and fleet, tap on GC Cars Leasing to meet your corporate needs.

GC Cars Leasing is the leasing arm of GC Group established in 2019 to meet the growing needs of the leasing market in Singapore.

GC Cars Leasing has a substantial, and growing, fleet and pool of drivers. Whether it be leasing a car or engaging a Chauffeur for your corporate needs, GC Cars Leasing will definitely have a solution for you. 

Drop us an Email or Call Us with your requirements and our Corporate Leasing Specialists will be in touch with you to tailor a solution that best suits your needs.

Why GC Cars Leasing?

Almost Brand New Fleet

At GC Cars Leasing, we have a well-maintained fleet that comprises mainly of cars that are less than one year old. You can be assured of comfort with any of our car choices.

Reliable and Flexible Services

With a huge pool of fleet and drivers, we pride ourselves to providing a reliable and flexible solution for your corporate needs. A Corporate Leasing Specialist will also be assigned to each Corporate Customer as a contact point to ensure the best services provided.

Experienced and Safe Drivers

Stringent checks have been put in place to ensure that drivers assigned for your needs are experienced and have proven safety records.


Chauffeur Driven Sedan

Toyota Prius Hybrid 1.8
Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid 2.5
Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid Sports 2.5

Chauffeur Driven MPV

Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5 X
Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5 G
Honda Freed Hybrid (2020)
Toyota Noah Hybrid 1.8 X
Toyota Alphard Petrol 2.5 SC
Toyota Alphard Hybrid 2.5 SR

Contact our Corporate Leasing Specialists and get a customised solution tailored to your needs.